Health & Wellness:

Bravespace therapy: Sliding scale therapy for those in the LGBTQIA+ communities

The Q Center: A safe space to support and celebrate LGBTQIA+ diversity, visibility and community building.

The Equi Institute: The Equi Institute provides affordable, excellent, culturally specific, patient empowering health care that fits the needs of the LGBTQIA+ individual rather than trying to make people fit a cookie-cutter model.

Planned Parenthood: Excellent sexual health care at prices that fit any budget.

Civil Rights and Social Justice:

NO! to Rape Culture An action-based organization that aims to dismantle the patriarchal structures within the punk/hardcore/metal “scenes.” By strengthening the connections among people of historically marginalized genders, we intend to cultivate safer spaces, and eliminate abuse and sexual violence in our communities.

ACLU: An advocacy organization dedicated to preserving and advancing civil liberties and civil rights. 

Social Justice Fund: A fund that supports organizations that are community based and that use community organizing to achieve their goals. Grantees are led by people from the communities most impacted by injustice and inequality.

Call to Safety: Working to fulfill their mission of ending domestic and sexual violence by providing confidential support services and education to empower our community, Call to Safety provides a comprehensive 24/7 crisis line, follow-up advocacy for survivors, support groups, community outreach and education, and sexual assault medical advocacy.

Black Lives Matter: an organization that works for a world where Black lives are no longer systematically and intentionally targeted for demise.

Food for the Revolution:

Food Fight: An all vegan grocery store for all your snacking needs

Farm Spirit: Modernist Cascadian vegan cuisine, possibly the best vegan restaurant in the world.

Sweetpea Baking Company: Quality vegan baked goods in beautiful Southeast Portland, Oregon. 

Art and Style:

Wonderland Tattoo

Blacklist Tattoo

Wildfang: Feminist clothing for tomboys, queer folks, and other rabble rousers