Hey! My name is Lacy. I am writer, podcaster, a lifting coach, and a nutrition coach.

Every day, I work with clients of all body types who are new to fitness because the gym has never felt like a place for them. I have built a business based on the idea that anyone who wants to get behind a barbell should have a place to give it a try. To be honest, I truly don’t know if I’d still be alive had I not been given the opportunity.

Growing up, I was an indoor-kid. I wasn’t into physical activity at all and was much more comfortable reading books in my room than breaking a sweat on the playing field. I felt awkward in my body and school gym classes were a complete nightmare that I made up every excuse possible to not have to participate in. In my 20’s I developed a myriad of eating disorders, coupled with compulsive cardio addiction and body dysmorphia. I had a truly obsessive urge to shrink myself, and even when I knew my habits were so, so wrong, I didn’t manage to actually change them until I found myself behind the barbell.

The day I started to lift was the first step in my journey to actual, real wellness. With EVERY step into my gym, I moved forward. I stopped restricting my food. I stopped binging. I stopped purging. I started taking rest days from exercise. I started to believe I didn’t need to be thin to be special or valuable. I started to see friends more, to share meals, to enjoy food and to get outside of my own self-deprecating thoughts.

The process took years, but today I have a positive and supportive relationship with my body. Lifting weights was the thing that helped me decide to stop fighting it.

My recovery has given my life purpose. It gave me my blog, my podcast, my memoir, my coaching practice, and my gym. I am so humbled and honored to help people on their lifting journeys, because I know how mightily it has helped me with mine.




I have spent my life focused on the details: in restaurants, finance, program and project management and building furniture. I have designed and built stuff with my hands, crunched numbers, worked in start-up environments, tracked metrics and goals, created and delivered technical trainings and mentored people to successfully crush their goals.

2016 was a year full of reflection, personal and professional exploration and discovery for me. Unexpectedly, that journey led me here, to utilize my organizational and people skills to get Liberation Barbell up off the ground and to keep it and the client experience here 150% awesome!

Unlike Lacy, I grew up outdoors and playing organized sports year-round, everything from swimming and basketball to tennis and rugby. Post-college and as an adult I struggled to find something I could latch on to in order to stay active. I tried rock climbing, running, biking, hiking and spent coutless hours at traditional big box gyms. And while all of those were and some continue to be rejuvenating and challenging experiences, they didn’t quite fit the bill. It wasn’t until I was introduced to lifting heavy weight in 2012 that I really connected to my body and was able to own my size and my strength in a way that made me feel powerful beyond measure. I am excited to now be doubling down on something that makes me feel amazing!

I am grateful to be where I am now and to have the opportunity to share my experience with others and to become a part of something so powerful, rather than stand on the fringes watching.