“Lacy completely changed my life and that’s not hyperbole. She turned me on to powerlifting and now I, myself, am a fat femme queer personal trainer. Lacy helped me become embodied! She radiates positivity and empathy and she operates on the front lines of the body positive fitness movement. Lacy makes you feel like every body is a good body and capable of feeling strong and empowered. If you’ve felt marginalized by your gym give Lacy a call.”
– Alex, Oakland, CA

“A year ago, I felt I was in crisis. I’d gained 35 pounds in 2014 — 35 pounds past my “goal weight”. Every day had become a struggle and my work and personal relationships suffered. I knew something was wrong and I was ready to get help. That’s when a friend told me about Lacy.

Lacy and I discovered that chronic dieting had destroyed my system, exacerbated my IBS and intensified my stress levels. I was suffering from an eating disorder and I didn’t even know it! Obsessing about food and weight had robbed me of so much joy. Little by little, we built back up my metabolism, shifted my thinking about food and hunger, and created a game plan to manage it all. More than anything, Lacy helped me reclaim my life from all the bullshit that I’d learned throughout the years. Today my head is clear, I have so much more energy and focus. When I am hungry, I eat as much as I want, not as much as I “should.” And most importantly, I have finally achieved that elusive goal that always seemed so far out of reach: I truly love myself.
-Deborah, San Diego, CA

“I first approached Lacy because I was looking for a totally non-intimidating way to start working out again, and hoping that I could find something better than the trainers at the gym who basically told me not to be vegan, and gave me boring workouts on the ‘machines’. Lacy encouraged me to do things that I never thought I could do, and not only that, made the whole experience fun. Lacy was always encouraging, but also ok when I needed a break. She is a great listener and was always responsive to what I wanted or needed.”
– Lydia, Portland, OR