About the Gym

Liberation Barbell is more than just a community. It’s also a physical space. We offer:

  • Small classes with lots of individualized attention and programming that is designed to make people get stronger.
  • An open layout – plenty of space to spread out with your barbell, to foam roll after your workout and to consult with your coach.
  • Gender-neutral changing rooms and a gender neutral restroom for your convenience.
  • No mirrors in the lifting space – We will coach you to lift with impeccable form without the aid of mirrors and teach you to get a feel for that same perfect form when you lift on your own.
  • A clean and safe facility – because your health and comfort is just as important to us as your muscles.
  • Stoked, sensitive and knowledgeable staff – who will make you feel seen, heard and valued while sharing incredible knowledge about building strength.
  • A connected and inviting community – we don’t just want you to come in, lift, and leave. We want to see bonds develop and strengthen to support one another.
  • We are excited to announce that Liberation Barbell is now sponsored by Superfit Hero!