Why is membership so expensive? 

We understand that our memberships aren’t cheap and it won’t be affordable for everyone. We want to unpack why, and also acknowledge that we are going to do everything in our power to keep finding ways to expand our accessibility. 

Our pricing was set to cover not just high rental rates in Portland, but also to ensure that we have a coach to client ratio that ensures optimal form and safety for every member. We are not a globo gym, you won’t come here and wander around wondering what to do or if you’re doing it right. You’re paying not just to use a space, but also to use trained, competent, sensitive, coaches.

It is important to us that we’re more than just a gym. We want to be a safe space for the community we’re building.  We’re investing in top quality equipment and ensuring that we have a gender neural restroom and changing rooms. We’re making sure that everyone working here is committed to this mission, receiving feedback around language, using proper pronouns and remaining teachable. In the longer term we are also committed to staff making a living wage with health insurance. As women, queer people, and people of color we think it is important to have everyone involved in this project make a living wage and we imagine it might take us a minute to get there, which is 100% okay! We trust the process and we trust that it’s worth it. Know that we don’t take our pricing lightly.

What options are there for reduced membership?

We currently have limited cleaning work/trade option for membership. To get on the wait list, please email christina@liberationbarbell.com